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A Complimentary Hearing Center Screening

Whether you're concerned about the ability to hear or not, a complimentary hearing center screening can be beneficial for everyone. While every location is different, there are certain procedures that take place for every test. Knowing what to expect can make the experience easier, especially for a first-timer.


At the hearing center, a professional will examine your ears. This is just an external examination and should not take a lot of time and is not painful in any way. The goal is to see if there are any issues that are visibly noticeable. In most cases, things are fine and the test will continue. If something is obviously wrong, the professional will probably suggest medical attention before proceeding. 

Discussion of Medical History

A hearing center professional needs to know more about a client's overall medical condition. This can be done by verbal discussion or with a questionnaire. There are some medical conditions that may be associated with problems with the ability to hear. A professional will want to take this into consideration before the test. Sometimes, a physician may recommend that a patient be tested. If this is the case, the professional will want a copy of paperwork to look over.


A hearing center will have a audiometer to perform the test. It will be conducted in a soundproof booth or room to make sure that no other noises interfere with the test. A person will hear a series of tones that will help determine how much the person can hear. It checks for loud and soft noises in both ears. This helps the professional determine what, if any, equipment is needed to remedy the issue.

The test also assesses a person's ability to hear speech. Many people come into a hearing center because they are unable to hear the conversations going on around them. It is important to find out if a person can hear a whisper or a regular voice. Communication is essential for everyone and the ability to hear makes it much easier.


At the end of the complementary assessment, a professional will help a person determine whether or not he needs assistance when it comes to the ability to hear. Some people may walk away realizing that there is nothing wrong and they can move on. Others will learn that there is a problem and that they have an opportunity to correct it with different aids and equipment. Either way, they have the answers that they need and some peace of mind that there is a solution available if necessary. 

If you have concerns about your ability to hear, locate a business in your area that offers complimentary screenings. You can get the help you need without any upfront cost.

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