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A Hearing Center History

Would you believe that people have been going to a hearing center for help with their ability to hear as far back as 1946? Before that, in the 1920's, audiometers were first developed to measure how much a person was able to hear. But, I was not until the 1940's that people began to take a real interest in the field. In fact, in 1946, the first instance of the term audiology and audiologist were used in a medical publication.

World War II

When soldiers returned to the United States, many had trouble with their ability to hear. It is assumed that these issues stem from being exposed to gunfire and machinery noises for an extended amount of time. These noises were loud and there was no way to avoid the sounds. Coming home, veterans began to notice a problem. It was time for the development of the hearing center.

Expansions to the Field

Over time, the study of audiology continued to expand. Because testing and assessment were so important when it came to measuring a person's loss and helping them find a solution, improvements were made to the tests to gain more accuracy and pinpoint problems. An interest in the ear and how it works became popular around the 1950's.

The tests that we use today were only used as research and experimentation in the past. Now, the different parts of the ear are specifically looked at including the outer ear, middle ear, and the cochlea. Even the acoustic nerve and the connection to the brain are of interest. With improved knowledge of how the ear works and how a person loses his ability to hear came improved technology and solutions. Hearing centers became the central location for testing and assessment.

Hearing Aids

In the past, the equipment used to help a person hear was bulky and not always easy to carry around. Computerization has made it so that the current aids are more effective. In fact, many times, people do not even notice that a person is wearing a device. Regardless of the type of loss, in most cases, there is an aid that provides a solution. 

Expansion of audiology continues even today. Aside from hearing center, professionals work in nursing homes, hospitals, private practice, speech centers, and other locations. Today, assessment and testing is more accessible that it has even been. If you believe that you might have an impairment that makes it difficult to hear, you can make an appointment and know exactly what is wrong before you walk out the door. You can also get an instant solution in the form of an aid that fits into your budget and lifestyle.

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